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Bill Kamboukos

Bill Kamboukos is the ownerand president of Strategic Mortgage in Scottsdale, AZ. He is a mortgageindustry veteran who works hands on in all aspects of the mortgagebusiness and is the driving force behind Strategic Mortgage.

Bill has fifteen years experience in the mortgage industry and during thattime has established himself as one of the premier mortgage loanoriginators in Arizona. By creating a business model that emphasizes
clients for life, honest business practices and education; Bill hascreated a unique mortgage firm in Strategic Mortgage.

Bill hasboth undergraduate and graduate degrees in Finance, InternationalBusiness and Management and has a passion for mortgage education.

When not leading Strategic Mortgage, Bill brings the same passion to his family life and community and a desire to create a legacy of businessand philanthropy. A mortgage is the single largest debt your family will ever undertake, Strategic Mortgage recognizes the importance of a sound plan that fits your specific needs. Contact Bill Kamboukos andStrategic Mortgage today, to see how we can create the perfect mortgageplan for you today.


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